April Showers Bring… What?

When I opened my Christmas present of a 2014 calendar last December, I did what I always do; I flipped through the months looking eagerly inside. But instead of Miss Audrey Hepburn’s 12 glamour shots stealing my attention, I was focused on something new. I only saw possibility: What would be written on these fresh boxes? Where was the year headed?

Audrey and I faced limitless change. Turns out April was the Jackpot.

I moved out of my hometown a week ago.

No, I didn’t wait to hear the direct voice of God telling me where to move. Nor did I hear Him telling me to move at all. But… I moved.

Does this make me a “bad Christian”?

For many years I’ve been part of the club that wrestles with what God’s Will is for my life. Wrestling with whether there is a specific path in life and that circumstances arise to keep us on this path or force us back from detours, OR whether we have free will to do whatever we want and when we die we’ll have a jolly review session with God over a cup of Heavenly Brew.

I’ve concluded that neither of these scenarios are solely correct. And while we can argue over Arminianism and Calvinism until we are blue in the face, we are still left where we started… without any forward movement.

So I made a move.

Often I believe we are grossly content staying within the World of Theory without ever actually attempting to move beyond to the World of Action. Sure, we talk a big talk about needing to improve as a Christian culture or become more Christ-focused, but do we take the steps of action to achieve this?

Do we remain in the argument over path and free will to pacify ourselves in our lives of theory?

What will it take to awaken us into movement? For me it was time spent in the Word. It was the conscious choice to trust Christ when He says His Will for me is to, “Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” *

I decided it was time to start opening some doors of option in my life with the trust that God would close any that would shuttle me away from what would BEST bring Him honor. It was time to actively glorify God with my life and stop waiting around for Him to approach me in a grand Moses moment. My Burning Bush of Instruction hasn’t been as obvious as it may have been for others. But I’m done allowing the “what if’s” to direct my life.

I choose to move forward with joy, prayer and thankfulness.

My choice is to act. What’s yours?

*1 Thessalonians 5:16-18





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