Light Me Up

Sometimes I forget how the story ends.

When this world finally expires and all we know becomes nothing -we are already on the winning team. In the end Christ will dominate over evil and WE, yes, we who today in this culture are labeled culturally obtuse, we who are hated and distrusted targets of negativity, WE are meant to be the lights in this world today.

The world’s lights aren’t the expected persons found in the celebrity spotlight. Nor the successful person revving their Maserati. They aren’t the leaders of self-enlightenment spirituality that lacks Jesus. No.

It’s us. Those that know and have been known by Jesus.

In the moments -and they are often- that I feel alone and beaten down in the fight to pursue Christ before pursuit of everything else, it’s a push to remember that it is I who carries truth.

I, we, hold the most precarious gift. In reality, it’s a gift that will often painfully strip the recipient down to the core, leaving nothing of themselves. The gift that can be a life of persecution. It’s the gift that holds a value more righteous than we can even fathom.

We hold realness, truth. We hold life.

Let us not hide behind the insecurities which bar us from boldness. Often that’s our self-perception. Maybe its an obsession over the thoughts that we lack special talent or value. We babysit feelings of inadequacy that inevitably overwhelm. Or we cling to our status and standing in our communities and cringe at the thought that living for God will demolish this image. These are the enemy’s carefully crafted strongholds barring the bloom of work we are capable of and called to do for the Kingdom.

We must avoid comparing ourselves with others which leads into a spirit of discouragement and inaction. Let us challenge ourselves to FIGHT to seek our King’s view of us, for this is the key to a life of peace and pure sight. And with pure sight we can clearly see that God wins in the end. And if God wins in the end, we honestly have nothing to fear. And even deeper than fear is our duty.

Let us step out in boldness in every moment, dull and dreary or fast and furious, mundane or monstrous… step out and live to bless the One.

Step out. Be a light for Christ because we are the hope in this world.

Step out, because time to shine is running out.

Step out.

Shine life.

Tall trees. Bright light.


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