My name is Katie. I am a twenty-something year old wrestling my way through the uncharted, post college/pre career and family years.

I am a product of a small mountain town in Northern California, I’m a little sister, a stubborn daughter, a fierce friend and a Christ Follower.  I am a habitual car singer. A loud laugh-er, a cheese hater.

I’m obsessed with traveling to new places, or simply traveling in general, but I always end the nights dreadfully homesick for my bed. I relish tasting new foods, but I am truly satisfied with one of my mom’s well worn recipes. My life seems to be a continuous balance of paradox, making every experience interesting, to say the least.

I do not claim to provide my readers with novel information; I’m neither brilliant enough for that responsibility nor old enough. But this blog will expand on cultural perspectives as I digest them and explore Christian ideologies as I dig deeper into understanding my Faith.

It is somewhat unnerving to have a blog as a young, Christian woman as there are many negative stereotypes attached to this action. However, I choose to risk the label of closet-harper-of-all-things-emotional to write about issues or experiences that I believe are very important. Here’s why.

I strive for the elusive and somewhat foolish goal of having everything in my life together; but I find that the older I get, the more I learn, and the more options I face, making my life’s path more hazy.

One thing I do know. I am passionate about seeking truth and actually learning life’s lessons. Even if it makes uneasiness a familiar and  persistent partner.

My life is like a Raw Diamond in which time and the pressures of this life are compressing me into what I hope is a strong, clear, and valuable young woman. And unlike a cut stone that reflects light on it’s surface, a rough diamond glows from within as light filters in toward the center and then refracts outward from deep inside. I hope to move past the point of reflecting the goodness I see and hear, to emitting goodness from within.  It is my desire for this blog to share this growth with other Diamonds in raw honesty and with a seeking heart, all while exploring a passion of writing.

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