What exactly IS a raw diamond?

A raw, or rough diamond, is a diamond that has not yet been cut and shaped. It is kept in it’s natural state and celebrated for the qualities it holds as is. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t scrubbed and polished to a bright shine, but it does mean they never undergo the knife.

It is a stone, that through the ages and in multiple cultures, has symbolized strength and love. Imperfections, called inclusions, tell the story of each stone, making them each exquisitely unique. Just like us.

A diamond is not created without an incredible amount of pressure and, in most cases, an abundant amount of time. These two ingredients are in essence the theme of life in this stage as a young adult. And the theme of this blog.

For more pictures of rough diamonds and to see where I got the facts above go to:  http://www.pinterest.com/ditrjewelry/true-rough/


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